Are Green Lawn Care Products Safe For Your Children and Pets?

Organic or green lawn care products can easily be applied to your lawn instead of chemicals. You may be wondering why anyone would want to use green lawn care products instead of chemical products – if so, then read on to discover what the benefits of organic lawn care products are.

Lawn care is a complicated process that entails many different supporting components in order that your lawn can truly be healthy. The first thing you need to consider is why you want to use green lawn care products. If you would like to apply them since they are less expensive and easier to use, then perhaps they aren’t for you. However, if you would like the best looking lawn and want something that is harmless for you, your children, and your pets then green lawn care products are the way to go.

Organic Lawn Care Product Benefits

Not only do green lawn care products make your lawn healthier, they also make things healthier for you and your family. Many times, chemical products for your lawn change the natural elements or minerals in your lawn with chemical ones; your lawn will grow to be reliant on these chemicals to stay alive. Without chemicals, the lawn browns and becomes diseased. Natural, green lawn care products do not have this problem as they sustain the lawns natural development with natural nutrients and minerals. While your lawn would not do as well without them, it does not wither and die as noticeably as when you stop applying chemical products.

Additionally, the organic green lawn care products are normally not whatever dangerous, so you, your children, and your pets can play on the lawn without fear of getting sick. When you apply chemicals, you have to use a mask, gloves, and possibly eye protectors – would you like your children playing on the lawn or your pet eating the grass if it is covered in harmful chemicals?

A further reason why green lawn care products are generally better is that they make your lawn stronger in general. They maintain the natural growth process and will cause your lawn to have strong roots that will enable your lawn stand up to severe winters or scorching summers. This means less work on your part to keep your lawn healthy in the long term. A chemical lawn won’t be as good at fighting off these things because it relies on the chemicals to stay healthy not its inner strength.

Pet and Child Safe Lawn Care Products

One of the most widely used child and pet safe lawn care products is organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer not only helps your lawn to prosper and support its natural resistance to disease and insects, it is also completely safe. By using a natural, green lawn care product like organic fertilizer you not only help the health of your lawn but of everyone in your house.

On average two applications of organic fertilizer a year is more than adequate. At first, if your lawn is significantly damaged, you could need more applications. A natural pet and child safe lawn care product will increase the health of your lawn and the strength of its root system so that you do not need to constantly apply it.

In addition to organic fertilizer you can use seaweed to improve the health of your lawn. Seaweed is exceedingly rich in minerals and is not expensive – it is something you can apply for very little money on a quarterly basis.

I hope this has given you some knowledge into why using green products for your lawn is the safest thing to do. I was an administrator of an organic coffee plantation with the use of organic fertilizer as well as organic fungicides and insecticides. I also have a chemical free garden that produces organic vegetables and citrus fruit – change over to organic and green gardening as it is really rewarding and safe.

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