About Us

Making The World More Beautiful One Lawn at a Time

Lawns and gardens are what you make of them, and Lawn and Garden Unlimited is here to help you make yours something to be proud of. We are more than your average gardening site because we offer information and resources that others don’t.

For starters, the equipment, tools, and supplies in our shop come complete with detailed descriptions and customer reviews so that you can shop with the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re getting.

We also know that sometimes you need help finding out how to do a project before you can shop for the supplies needed to get it done. That’s why we work hard to gather a wealth of great tutorial media and content for our customers to explore and learn from.

From proper fertilizing to sprinkler care to seasonal yard maintenance, get the scoop on how to do it the right way. Then, you can complete the job by picking up the items that you need. It’s all in one place, and it’s all made just for you. No matter what you want to do with your lawn, you can do it with Lawn and Garden Unlimited.